Markets and Cash Grains

Listen in to AM-1300 KGLO for the latest, up to the minute, market information every weekday from 5 a.m.-2:30 p.m. with KGLO Farm Director Jesse Stewart.

Market Schedule (Monday-Friday):

5:40 a.m.- Markets and Farm News

6:40 a.m.- Markets

6:45 a.m.- Farm News

9:55 a.m.- Markets

10:30 a.m.- Markets

11:30 a.m.- Markets

12:35 p.m.- Midday Farm Report (markets, farm news, etc.)

1:05 p.m.- Markets

1:30 p.m.- Markets

2:04 p.m.- Markets

2:30 p.m.- Markets

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You can view the latest market numbers from Viafield right now by clicking here.

View the latest cash grain prices from your local Viafield locations by clicking here.

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