AARP hosting prescription drug event in Mason City this morning

AARP of Iowa his hosting an event in Mason City this morning as part of their campaign to address the rising costs of prescription drugs.

Spokeswoman Julie Betts says the organization is launching a nationwide campaign called “Stop Rx Greed”. “We are really looking for ways that across the country and here in Iowa we can work with our lawmakers and reduce the high cost of prescription drugs. The impacts of the high cost of prescription drugs on the average Iowan can be devastating. Americans are paying the highest prices in the world for prescription medications.”

Betts says it’s a bipartisan issue that Iowans should be quizzing presidential candidates and their congressional delegation about.  “We do encourage everyone, whoever is your elected official. If you’re talking to a candidate for president or if you’re talking to even in the Iowa member of the Iowa congressional delegation to ask them what their plan is.”

Betts says today’s event is part of their statewide tour where they are collecting stories from Iowans about the impact of the high costs of prescription drugs.  “AARP really feels like no one should have to choose between food and medicine, and yes, just this summer at the State Fair, we collected statements from people attending the fair, and we heard that over and over again about having to choose higher quality of life things, like food or even taking trips to see family or things like that, and being able to afford those medications.We really feel like medications don’t work if people can’t afford them.”

Betts says if you can’t get (if you didn’t get) to today’s event, you can share your prescription drug story through their website. “You can either share your personal story, or you can also click through to the national conversation and find out about this issue nationally, in addition to being able to click through and try and volunteer for us. So if this is an issue that’s important to you and you can’t come out, you can get educated, you can share your story, or you can volunteer for future opportunities to make an impact.”

The AARP website is This morning’s event takes place at the Historic Park Inn starting at 9:00 AM.