April lacks showers, and snow compared to average

If you aren’t yet finding many flowers in your yard, that could be due to a drop in April showers. State Climatologist Justin Glisan reviewed the rainfall totals for the just completed month.

“We had a deficit of precipitation — especially in the southwestern part of the state — which had been so wet to begin with over the fall and into the winter,” Glisten says. “Statewide precipitation was about three-point-zero-eight inches of rainfall and snowmelt And that’s almost a half an inch below normal as well.” He says we were short in every type of precipitation — including snow.

“Now we don’t expect a lot of snowfall,” Glisan says, “but we were about four-tenths of an inch below average. We typically get about one- point-six inches.” The temperature in April was just about in line with the statewide trend.

“Our average temperature was about 49 degrees — and if you look at the statewide average — that’s just a half a degree below average,” according to Glisan.

There were no reports of severe weather during April. Glisan says May is shaping up to be on the cool and wet side.