MASON CITY — For Cerro Gordo County motorists, it’s good news as a heavily-used county road just north of Mason City is once again open.

County Engineer Brandon Billings announced at today’s meeting of the Board of Supervisors that B-20 west of US Highway 65 is once again open after the replacement of a railroad crossing near the Lehigh Company.  “B-20 is finished and open. So that crossing is done. I drove across it a bunch of times this morning and watched members of the public cross it. It is very much improved and I’m happy to see that’s complete.”

The roadway had to be closed since mid-May due to where Lehigh crossed the county road near that crossing. Part of the project included assisting the railroad in raising the tracks to make them even with the roadway.

Heartland Asphalt of Mason City had the low bid for the project at just under $203,000.