GREENFIELD — New Jersey Senator Cory Booker says President Trump is “engaging in moral vandalism” — but Booker continues to warn Democrats to choose a 2020 presidential candidate who will do more than just beat Trump.

“We need a healer,” Booker said. “We need a coalition builder.” Booker told a crowd in Greenfield this afternoon that tribalism is endangering the American experiment. “There is a civic gospel in this country that we need to start talking from,” Booker said, “because it’s what unites us.”

Booker made no mention of the signals he’s been sending that he’ll challenge former Vice President Joe Biden’s record in next week’s debate. Booker instead directed all his rhetorical hits at President Trump. “It bothers me that we have more animosity for each other in this country than we do for the Russians who are trying to undermine our democracy,” Booker said, to applause.