Cash haul made by both Iowa parties from this week’s events

DES MOINES — Iowa’s two major political parties have held big events this week and raised a lot of money. About 1500 Iowa Democrats gathered Sunday afternoon in Cedar Rapids to hear 19 presidential candidates.

“This field demonstrates that we are the party of many and that everyone has a home in the Iowa Democratic Party,” Iowa Democratic Party chairman Troy Price said to welcome the crowd.

Price described Republicans as “the party of one.”

“It doesn’t matter what Donald Trump does. Republicans continue to stand by him,” Price said. “…When he sets an example for our children and for adults that it’s okay to bully, to demean, to harass and to attack people just because they might be different than you, they cheer even louder.”

On Tuesday, Iowa GOP chairman Jeff Kaufmann described his party’s “America First” dinner was a response to the Democrats and an illustration of the party’s unwavering support of President Trump.

“Folks, we’ve got ourselves a winner,” Kaufmann said. “We have a president that believes in Iowa. We have a president that loves Iowa. We have a president that stands up for Iowa.”

Kaufmann’s son, state Representative Bobby Kaufmann, also addressed the crowd and denounced those within the GOP who do not support the president.

“The nauseating ‘Never Trumpers’…they think they’re smarter than us. They think they’re better than us. They think they’re more enlightened than us,” Bobby Kaufmann said. “…Suck it up, buttercup. The president won in 2016 and he’s going to win again in 2020.”

Republicans who attended Tuesday’s dinner paid at least $250 and in some cases $500 a ticket. GOP leaders did not disclose the cost for getting a photo with the president, money which also went to the state party. Tickets to the Iowa Democratic Party’s event on Sunday cost $75 and some VIP tables went for $10,000. It was the largest crowd ever for the Democrats’ annual summertime fundraiser.