Cerro Gordo County still battling rural road conditions

MASON CITY — The wet weather we’ve seen this spring into the first week of summer means that a number of county roads continue to be soft.

Assistant to the Cerro Gordo County Engineer Mary Arndt says some of the roads are so bad this year that it could be August before we them get back to normal. “Oh, they’re bad this year, very bad this year. We just have to have windy, hot, dry days, and when you get rain every week, it just regenerates keeping that water in the road bed. The ground is so super-saturated that the water is not draining. I think there will be soft spots for the foreseeable future.”

Arndt says road crews are continuing to work on keeping the roads in the best shape possible.  “We’re working on what we call the black spots, where the dirt’s really coming up to the top. We’re trying to rock those at the same time we’re trying to do our annual rocking of certain roads, like end to end roads…but yeah, we’re still working out soft spots…never stopped.”

Arndt made her comments as part of the county engineer’s report to the board of supervisors earlier today.