CHARLES CITY — A pair of Charles City men have been sentenced for their part in an assault last year. 

30-year-old Isaac Brown, 27-year-old Eric Sanders and 29-year-old Dontrale Gaston were all accused of entering a home in the 400 block of Richings Street on February 17th of 2018, where Brown allegedly assaulted his ex-girlfriend and struck another man with a space heater and a beer bottle. Sanders and Gaston were also accused of being involved in the altercation.

Brown was convicted earlier this year of first-degree burglary and willful injury causing serious injury. He was sentenced this week for up to 25 years on the burglary charge and up to 10 years on the willful injury charge, with the terms to be served at the same time.

Sanders was given a deferred judgment and was sentenced this week to three years probation on a second-degree burglary charge, as well as 60 days in jail for assault causing bodily injury. 

Gaston was given a suspended 10 year prison sentence and three years probation in June 2018 for second-degree burglary.