MASON CITY — The City of Mason City is working on updating the portion of their website dealing with financial transparency.

City Administrator Aaron Burnett says the city’s Finance Department has been working to update the “OpenGov Financial Transparency” portal on the website which allows citizens to look at the finances of the city through various reports or by looking at the specific accounts. “This portal is a great tool that is very user friendly. The public can click on any item and drill down in the account to detailed information. Unfortunately, it has been underutilized and we’re hoping that through an increased information campaign we can get higher usage by the public.”

Burnett says they hope their efforts will help put more information in the hands of the citizens.  “Too often the general public feels a disconnect with their local government and we continue to work to address this through actively disseminating information through transparency efforts.”

You can find the OpenGov Financial Transparency portal on the left side of the front page at