Disabled Garner man loses lawsuit against Fleet Farm

MASON CITY — It took a Cerro Gordo County jury only 15 minutes to dismiss a lawsuit by a disabled Garner man that accused a Mason City store forced him to crawl back to his car because they would not let him take a motorized cart into the parking lot.

Shane Zahn filed the lawsuit against Mills Fleet Farm in November 2017. Zahn’s right leg is amputated below the knee and also has most of his left foot amputated. He attempted to use a store electric wheelchair for shopping inside the store and then as a transport to and from his vehicle. Zahn had posted a video on social media in April 2017 where he walked on his hands and knees to reach his vehicle after leaving the store.

Mills Fleet Farm stated in their response to the lawsuit that Zahn was informed that store policy did not allow those carts to be out in the parking lot and that he could have used a manual wheelchair provided by the store to exit the store.

Jurors on Friday ruled in favor of Mills Fleet Farm only after 15 minutes of deliberation.