Family lobbying for ‘Logan’s Law’ to promote organ donation

CHARLES CITY — A Charles City family is urging legislators to honor their son’s memory by promoting organ donation. They call it “Logan’s Law” and it would let people sign up as organ donors on Iowa hunting and fishing licenses. Wendy Luft’s 15-year-old son Logan died in an ATV accident on July 4th, 2017.

“What our main goal has been is just to be able to increase organ donation awareness and to be able to do that in Logan’s memory has been seriously the biggest honor that we could ever imagine,” she says.

Five of Logan Luft’s major organs were donated.

“Donating life to five different people and knowing they are alive and here today because of him, he is a hero to us and so we want to give other families that opportunity to experience that,” she says.

Luft says in the midst of the grief over Logan’s death, there was joy in knowing his organ donations had extended the lives of five others. House Democratic Leader Todd Prichard is from Charles City and has introduced a proposed “Logan’s Law” in the House.

“Logan was a huge outdoor sportsman, loved to be outdoors, was a really great fisherman,” Prichard says. “They wanted this named in honor of Logan and I thought that was just a wonderful idea to extend Logan’s legacy and promote organ donation.”

A Senate subcommittee held a hearing on the bill Thursday and recommended it for consideration in the Senate Natural Resources Committee.