Driven by the commitment to deliver more speed, precision and power to customers, Golden Harvest is proud to sponsor NASCAR Xfinity Series driver Sammy Smith in the 2023 season


DOWNERS GROVE, Ill., USA, March 20, 2023 ― Golden Harvest today announced its sponsorship of NASCAR driver Sammy Smith. The partnership with Smith is part of Golden Harvest’s 50th anniversary celebration as a seed company, focused on farmer success and reinforcing its commitment to bringing proven corn and soybean products to market faster.

Golden Harvest is proud to sponsor Smith, a native of Johnston, Iowa, and already a proven winner in the NASCAR Xfinity Series.

The partnership kicks off with the March 25 race in Austin, Texas, extending throughout the entire 2023 season and includes Golden Harvest® branding on Smith’s car and suit, exclusive at-track activities for Golden Harvest customers, and a special appearance by Smith at a key farmer event later this season.

“I am excited to have Golden Harvest partner with me for the 2023 season,” Smith said. “Racing and farming require the same skills ― both need precision and accuracy to perform.”


Sammy Smith scored his first career Xfinity Series win on March 11, 2023, at the Phoenix Raceway.

Photo courtesy of Sammy Smith.

Speed, precision and power not only enable NASCAR drivers to win races, but these characteristics also drive the Golden Harvest research and development program to provide better products faster to farmers’ fields.

As part of its commitment to customer success, Golden Harvest is expanding its corn and soybean breeding programs. This brings more quality products to market faster with more desirable traits thanks to increased trait introgression, ensuring farmers are receiving the best solution for every acre.

“As Golden Harvest continues to evolve, our focus will always be on customer success,” said Golden Harvest Head of Marketing, Kramer Farney. “Our support of Sammy Smith emphasizes that commitment, increases exposure for our farmers and allows for us to engage with local farmers at each race.”

“Through strategic investments in research and development and state-of-the-art facilities, Golden Harvest is enhancing the precision and power of its seed portfolio,” said Farney. “We are putting a powerful engine behind our seed portfolio to bring more high-performing products to customers faster and drive growth for both Golden Harvest and our customers.”

Golden Harvest Seeds was created in 1973 through a business alliance of six local, family-owned seed companies. These family companies pioneered many industry-changing technologies, including early participation in the development of hybrid seed corn, the first to use a combine for soybeans, and the first to offer a trait stack with European corn borer (Bt) control and herbicide tolerance. Innovations such as these all began with a desire to help local farmers reap the benefits of broadening their horizons.

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Golden Harvest Seeds has been working with and listening to farmers with intention since 1973, offering in-depth seeds expertise combined with the local agronomic know-how of an independent Golden Harvest Seed Advisor to help identify custom solutions for every corn and soybean acre. Today, each Golden Harvest® hybrid or variety is bred with the individual needs of hardworking farmers in mind. Golden Harvest corn hybrids feature elite genetics with proven performance and the most complete above- and below-ground insect control solutions with the Duracade and Viptera trait stacks. Golden Harvest soybean varieties include the industry’s broadest trait choice and exclusive genetics that set a new standard for performance and yield potential.

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