Governor Kim Reynolds isn’t giving any indication on what she will do with several high-profile bills that passed the recent legislative session. She does say that there has been a lot of input on whether she should sign or veto the sports gambling bill.

“I’m hearing on both sides, I’ve had a lot of people reach out,” Reynolds says. The bill approved by lawmakers would let the state’s casinos take bets on professional and college sports — either at the casinos or elsewhere via a smart-phone app. Reynolds says many people don’t want to see her sign the bill into law.

“They’re concerned about addiction to gambling and the impact that this may have,”according to Reynolds. Others say the state needs to take control.

“I had a lot of other people who have indicated it is happening, it is going to continue to happen — and they think it is very important that we have some kind of oversight,” Reynolds says. Reynolds says both sides have made their feelings known.

“You know it’s pretty equal right now, but I am hearing a lot from both,” she says. The governor says she is treating the gambling bill like all the others and will go over it with her team and make a decision on whether to sign it into law.