MASON CITY — While the government shutdown enters its second month, Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley was in north-central Iowa today talking about trying to find a solution to end it. President Trump’s proposal to reopen the government announced over the weekend is headed for Senate action later this week, but its prospects are uncertain. Grassley, while speaking to about 100 employees of Woodharbor in Mason City this morning, says most people’s concerns are about the wall along the US-Mexico border, but he says border security needs to be strengthened.

One employee asked Grassley about why congress should be paid during the government shutdown and that it was hurting some people wanting to buy their products. Grassley says it’s not a fair situation but hopefully a compromise will be found in the very near future.

Another employee asked Grassley about having to constantly defend President Trump when he doesn’t come across well to the masses.

Earlier in the day about 35 people attended a town hall meeting Grassley held in Manly.