MASON CITY — As the city is wrapping up Fiscal Year 2022, it’s a good report for incoming receipts for the hotel/motel tax and sales taxes in Mason City.

Mayor Bill Schickel says hotel/motel tax revenues are getting back to pre-pandemic levels. “It’s really fantastic to see the comeback here. Mason City does $100 million in tourism a year because of our reputation for architecture and art and so many other things. The hotel/motel tax is a great indication of how we’re doing in that area, and it’s just great to see that bouncing back.”

Schickel says local option sales tax revenue also continues to be strong.  “Mason City is a destination for shopping. Downtown is hopping. There’s so much activity on the retail sales front and in other areas. That’s what stimulates the local option sales tax here in Mason City.”

Mason City voters will be heading to the polls in September to renew the local option sales tax, which Schickel says is important for the community.  “A great thing for Mason City in terms of reducing property taxes. 50% of the local option sales tax here in Mason City goes toward reducing your property tax. The other parts of it go toward law enforcement, police and fire departments, streets, infrastructure, things along those lines. That was on for 10 years and that’s coming up for renewal in September.”

Since fiscal year 2014, the City of Mason City has received just over $52 million in local option sales tax revenues.

Schickel made his comments during the “Ask the Mayor” program earlier today on AM-1300 KGLO. Listen back to the program via the audio player below.