Iowa Farm Recognized as a Historic Angus Herd

Pierce Angus Farms has been home to Angus cattle for more than 50 years.

Roger Pierce established Pierce Angus Farms in 1965 in Hancock, Iowa, with the purchase of an Angus heifer for $160.

He purchased this heifer at the Botna Valley Calf sale. Then while attending a sale in 1967, Pierce sat next to an older breeder, who taught him what lines to stay away from for genetic problems. A month later he purchased a pair of heifers, and a bull from a line bred Eileenmere breeding at the Beckwith Dispersal. One of the heifers purchased was Miss Isabella, a cow family that would go on to be one of the farms’ best.

After watching his dad use Angus bulls on his dairy cows and reading how Angus cattle won nearly every International Stock Show carcass contest, purebred Angus cattle became Pierce’s project.

In 1975, Pierce took an Artificial Insemination (AI) class and started using AI in his herd. Two years later, he purchased the Chicago champion bull Marshall Pride 659 and bred him to his herd of commercial and purebred cows. With a focus on quality, Pierce kept almost every daughter sired by him to set up the foundation of the herd.

In 1983, Pierce purchased 36 cows from the heart of the Benson Angus Farm in Irwin, Iowa. At that point no females were added to the herd outside the farm.

Over the years, Pierce has won many awards and served on several Iowa associations, including the Iowa Angus Association board of directors, where he served as president and vice president.

Pierce Angus Farms has been fortunate enough to host breeders from Mexico, Ukraine, Scotland and Canada.

“One of the things I’m most proud of are the new herds that bought their first registered Angus cattle from us.” Pierce says. “At one time I knew of 25 breeders that started with a purchase from me and many of those are still in business.”

Pierce Angus Farms cow herd was sold last year. Pierce still manages the bulls and fat cattle that are left but plans to sell those soon and enjoy retirement in his new home on Lake Panorama with his wife, Connie.

The American Angus Associations Historic Angus Herd Award recognizes Angus breeders and immediate families who have been in continuous production of registered-Angus cattle for 50 years or more. Visit for more information or to view a list of awarded members since the program began in 1988.

— Written by Amber Wahlgren