DES MOINES — Reaction continued over the weekend on the US Supreme Court ruling on abortion.

Maggie DeWitte is executive director of Pulse Life Advocates, previously known as Iowans for Life, which was founded in 1972.  “Our goal is then and will continue to be to eliminate abortion in our state,” she says. “And so we want to push forward with everything that we can do to protect all human life in the womb.”

Meanwhile, Planned Parenthood facilities in Iowa will continue to offer abortion and other services in the wake of the U.S. Supreme Court action that overturned a constitutional right to abortion.
“For now, I do want to remain crystal clear that our doors remain open,” according to President and CEO of Planned Parenthood North Central States. “Today is an absolutely horrible, devastating day,” she says. “I don’t think there are words to describe what a shattering moment this is.”

Under Iowa law, abortions are allowed up until the 20th week of pregnancy. A 24-hour abortion waiting period is expected to take effect next month, following an Iowa Supreme Court ruling that said Iowa women do not have a fundamental right to an abortion under Iowa’s constitution.

The President and CEO of the Christian conservative group The FAMiLY Leader, Bob Vander Plaats, is praising the U.S. Supreme Court decision on abortion. “Our first reaction is just one of celebration, as well as praise for a lot of answered prayer 50 years of prayer for this decision to be overturned, and although it took 62 million lives and court of 2022, saying an egregious opinion, of 1973, it’s still much-answered prayer. So we’re celebrating and giving praise for answered prayer,” Vander Plaats says.

He says the decision was not a given, despite the earlier leaked opinion that indicated what might happen. “Anytime there’s a leaked opinion, you’re concerned about the pressure that the justices are going to take a threat on the justices and maybe the reversal of the opinion,” he says. Vander Plaats says the ruling opens the door for those who are pro-life.

“I believe right now is a very unique space and a very unique opportunity for people of faith, the church in particular to step into this space, and to show that they want to lead with a heart of compassion, a heart of understanding, while welcoming the light in and celebrating and cherishing that life,” according to Vander Plaats.

Opponents of the ruling are urging others to turn in November’s elections to send a message. Vander Plaats believes his supporters will be energized by the decision as well. “All of Iowa that I know and all of America they no I mean, we celebrate a culture of life. That’s why when a child’s lost in a being filled or a cornfield, we will move heaven and earth to find that child to preserve that life,” Vander Plaats says, “As we know life is sacred and life is important. And so today’s a good day for us to celebrate life.”

He says the faith community should stand alongside all mothers.