Leading Expert on China’s Dominance in Rare Earth Metals for EVs to speak at the 2022 Iowa Renewable Fuels Summit 
Leading Expert on China’s Dominance in Rare Earth Metals for EVs to speak at the 2022 Iowa Renewable Fuels Summit
Summit to Feature Roundtable on the Future of Low Carbon Technology for Biofuels
JOHNSTON, IOWA – The view that electric vehicles should dominate America’s transportation and low-carbon future is gaining steam among DC policymakers, but Jim Kennedy, 2022 Iowa Renewable Fuels Summit keynote speaker, will discuss why China’s dominance over rare earth metals should give us pause.
Jim Kennedy, President of ThREE Consulting, is an internationally recognized expert on the economic, national security and geopolitical ramifications of China’s monopoly on rare earth metals used to make electric vehicle batteries. Kennedy will discuss the factors America must consider with the increasing focus on electric vehicles.
“Electric vehicles are sometimes referred to as ‘zero-emission vehicles,’ but the reality is every form of transportation has an impact, not only on our environment, but also on trade and national security,” said Lisa Coffelt, Iowa Renewable Fuels Association Marketing Director. “Kennedy will raise some very important questions the country needs to consider as we work to reduce transportation emissions.”
The Summit will also feature a roundtable of experts discussing the steps farmers and biofuel producers are taking to lower carbon emissions and the various environmental benefits biofuels have to offer from lowering emissions to protecting human health. The roundtable will feature Jessica Hoffman, Regulatory and Compliance Manager at RPMG; Steffen Muller, Principal Economist at University of Illinois Chicago; Dave Slade, Executive Director of Biofuels Technology & Services at Renewable Energy Group; and Marshall McDaniel, Assistant Professor in the agronomy department at Iowa State University.
“Iowa farmers and biofuel producers are working hard to implement new practices and technologies that lower their carbon footprints,” Coffelt said. “We are excited to shine a light on this at the Summit and discuss how biofuels have a long-term role to play in protecting our environment.”
The Iowa Renewable Fuels Summit is taking place on January 25 at the Community Choice Convention Center at the Iowa Events Center. Attendance is free and open to the public, but registration is required. To register to attend and learn more, visit IowaRenewablFuelsSummit.org.