LAKE MILLS — A Mason City man accused of kidnapping a Lake Mills woman has pleaded guilty to a lesser charge and has been sentenced to ten years in prison.

38-year-old Kristofer Voigt is accused of entering a residence in the 200 block of Park Street in Lake Mills in the early morning hours of November 7th, where he allegedly threatened to slit the throat of a woman inside the home.

Voigt is then accused of taking the woman to another home in Lake Mills, another apartment, and then to a home owned by Voigt at 334 9th Northeast in Mason City. Authorities entered the residence at about 5:00 PM that day, with officers finding the woman and taking her to the hospital for treatment.

Voigt was arrested and later charged with second-degree kidnapping and first-degree burglary, both Class B felonies that carry up to a 25 year prison sentence.

Voigt had pleaded not guilty to the charges with his trial scheduled to start today, but he filed a written plea of guilty on Tuesday to a charge of third-degree kidnapping, with the burglary charge being dismissed.

District Judge DeDra Schroeder sentenced Voigt to ten years in prison with credit for time served and issued a $1000 fine.