NORTHWOOD — A Northwood woman previously put on probation after admitting she received gifts and money after falsely claiming she had cancer has now been accused of deceiving the state out of housing and food assistance.

45-year-old Jennifer Mikesell is accused of falsely telling officials with the Iowa Department of Human Services that her husband was not living with her in order to get housing and food assistance. Mikesell is said to have received just over $10,000 in state aid between November and this week. Mikesell has been charged with ongoing criminal conduct, first-degree theft, and first-degree fraudulent practice. If convicted of those three charges, she would face up to 45 years in prison. Her preliminary hearing is scheduled for July 7th in Worth County District Court.

Mikesell was sentenced in January 2021 to five years probation and a suspended 25-year prison term after pleading guilty to ongoing criminal conduct after receiving a bedroom makeover from the non-profit group My Happy Heaven, as well as other money, gifts, and food donated to her after she claimed she had cancer. Authorities found that to be a false claim after searching her medical records. A probation revocation hearing is scheduled for July 18th.