OSAGE — A plea change hearing has been scheduled for a Kensett woman charged with child endangerment after allegedly driving drunk with children in her vehicle.

The Mitchell County Sheriff’s Department said they received a 9-1-1 call at about 3:10 on the afternoon of August 19th of last year after a report of a vehicle that was driving all over the road on State Highway 9 near the Mitchell and Worth county line. The person calling in the complaint stated they had been forced off the road by the vehicle.

The Sheriff’s Department says they stopped 24-year-old Rebecca Golden on the west side of Osage. Authorities say Golden’s speech was slurred and that she had a blood alcohol content of .225, almost three times over the legal limit. They say the five children found in the vehicle ranged in age from under three to nine years old. Besides being charged with five counts of child endangerment, Golden was also charged with operating while intoxicated first offense.

Golden was scheduled to have her trial start on February 27th, but online court records show a plea change hearing has been scheduled for March 26th in Mitchell County District Court.