Prichard deployed to South Korea

CHARLES CITY — A north-central Iowa legislator was deployed on Monday to South Korea as part of his duties as a Lieutenant Colonel in the US Army Reserves.

Todd Prichard, a Democrat from Charles City, has been in different roles in the military for over 20 years. Prichard in a written statement says while he’ll be serving the state and nation in a different capacity for the next few weeks, he wants his constituents in Cerro Gordo, Floyd and Chickasaw counties to know they can still contact him through his legislative e-mail address if they need assistance. Prichard is expected to return to Iowa late this month.

He participated in the Army ROTC program to help pay for college at the University of Iowa.  He later was commissioned into the Regular Army as an Infantry Lieutenant. He was deployed with the First Cavalry Division as a rifle platoon leader to Kuwait as part of Operation Desert Spring.

Following his service in Kuwait, Todd returned to Iowa and joined the 1st Battalion-133 Infantry Regiment of the Iowa Army National Guard in Dubuque.  During his time with the National Guard, Todd was deployed to Egypt for six months as part of an international peacekeeping force and later as Company Commander of the 1st Battalion-133 Infantry Regiment in Iraq.