CLEAR LAKE — The North Iowa Area Council of Governments says effective July 1st, the operation of the Clear Lake and Hancock County Transit services will be performed by the Region 2 Transit System. OneVision had previously operated both services for many years.

For passengers needing to reserve trips from July 1st on, they will need to contact the Region 2 Transit System at 641-357-7050. The dispatch office will be open from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM weekdays and it’s located at Pritchard’s Innovations Center at 1 Teamquest Way Suite 2 in Clear Lake.

Fares will remain the same and the service will continue to accept Region 2 Transit System tickets that are sold at Clear Lake City Hall. The service is open to the general public and is available for commuters, shoppers, students, seniors, persons with disabilities and travelers of all types.

For more information on the Region 2 Transit System, head to the website