JOHNSTON — The Republican leader in the Iowa Senate says legislators are monitoring what’s unfolding from the state investigation of sports bets placed by male athletes at Iowa and Iowa State.

Senate Majority Leader Jack Whitver says facts will be revealed as the civil lawsuits filed by the targeted athletes make their way through the court system.  “Certainly watching it very intently…but it’s a complicated issue because it’s not just the State of Iowa,” Whitver says. “The only punishment from the State of Iowa on any of these athletes was a $500-$600 fine. The other part of it is the NCAA and the punishments that come down from the NCAA for any of these violations, so it is complicated. Certainly watching it close to see if we need to do anything.”

Whitver was an Iowa State wide receiver — a starter for three seasons. That was two decades ago. He’s currently in his fourth term in the Iowa Senate and, as majority leader, brings up bills for debate.  “If there are violations as far as the constitutional rights (of the athletes), we may have to do something. I don’t know,” Whitver says. “Largely this is going to be sorted out in the courts.”

Whitver made his comments on the most recent edition of  “Iowa Press” on Iowa P-B-S.