DES MOINES — The Iowa legislature has unanimously voted to let cities limit the hours of strip clubs that do not serve alcohol if officials determine the club’s a threat to public safety. It’s similar to a law passed last year that lets cities crack down on bars that are the frequent site of fights, assaults and gun fire.

Representative Mike Vondran is from Davenport, one of the cities that lobbied for the legislation. “Bottom line, this comes to us through law enforcement,” Vondran said. “This is something that they’ve asked for and will be of great assistance to them as they continue to make our streets safer.”

Senator Tony Bisignano of Des Moines backs the bill — and suggests legislators should eventually expand the law to apply to all businesses that are threat to public safety. “We’re seeing people around the country shooting people at music venues,” Bisignaono said. “…If it has repetition to where it has monthly events and in two or three events they have the same situation, the community ought to be able to deal with that as a public nuisance.”

Under the bill, the attorney for a city or county could seek a court order that would force a strip club to close at 10 p.m. Other sanctions would be possible, after a trial.